This book reveals the exact 4 Stages of becoming a Successful Entrepreneur. There are exactly 20 characteristics and behaviors that most Successful Entrepreneurs share. This book takes you through each of these in great detail.




eSCAPE is all about how to go from employee to Entrepreneur in 4-steps (Anik calls this the eSCAPE Triangle)

This is the book he wrote after everything finally “clicked” for him a few years ago.

And it’s taken him 2 years to write.


After Anik spent time with 5 Billionaires, over 50 Millionaires, built several companies, and sold over $200M online – he figured out one thing:

All successful Entrepreneurs do the SAME THINGS!

They all have the same habits.

So – Anik wrote a book about those habits and how you can learn how to apply them to your life and business.